By Paul Malek, AEM Membership Director

ROIAEM membership is now 1,000 companies strong. We couldn’t have achieved this impressive milestone without the efforts of you, our valued members, in building momentum for the equipment industry and the markets they serve.

And as we look forward to another productive year of offering you our programs, services and activities, we ask that you renew your partnership and involvement with AEM for 2019. Notices of renewal have already been sent to official company representatives (OCRs) and designated renewal contacts at each member company, and they are due by Dec. 31, 2018.

Already a member? Renew now.

A Wise Investment

Being an AEM member means more than just participating in a statistics program or enjoying a member discount for exhibiting at an AEM trade show like CONEXPO-CON/AGG, ICUEE, The Demo Expo or World of Asphalt. It means investing in the equipment industry, the markets it serves, as well as your own organizational growth and development.

What’s true with any investment – be it in tools, equipment, materials, employees, or even other companies – is it's critical to get the greatest possible return on the time and resources spent on it. Your AEM membership is no different. So be sure to not only renew your partnership, but also investigate all of the ways you can engage with the association, other members, and the industry as a whole.

AEM works diligently to not only be a resource for you, our members, but also represent their interests and those of the agriculture and construction industries. In order to accomplish its goals and advance its strategic priorities, AEM needs your help.

If your company hasn’t renewed its AEM membership just yet, please do so. If it has, first and foremost, thank you. However, it’s important to remember an AEM membership will only take your organization as far as the benefits you enjoy from the wealth of programs and services the association has to offer.

Renewal for members is actually quite easy. Just use the AEM Portal to process your 2019 renewal online. It’s not only convenient and secure, but it also can automatically calculate annual dues for members and prepopulate a renewal summary form to be signed and submitted with payment. In addition, if you're a member, you can also pay immediately via credit card.

Get Active and Engaged

By keeping its AEM membership front-of-mind, your organization can reap the rewards of being active and engaged. More importantly, it can achieve possible return on its investment in – and involvement with – the latest association efforts and priorities.

A full explanation of member benefits can be found at AEM Member BenefitsFor answers to questions about how to get the most of your company's membership, the membership renewal process or using the ADU portal, contact me, the AEM membership director, at (, tel: 414-298-4153).

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