Members can lock in exclusive AEM-negotiated pricing for two years by enrolling in the Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) service from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and purchasing 100 Material Data Sheets (MDS) by January 31. 

CDX is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) that allows the exchange, validation, analysis and management of material data critical for companies to understand and report compliance with EU REACH, RoHS and other Extended Producer Responsibility regulations.

CDX leverages the functionality and expertise of HPE’s International Material Data System (IMDS) which has been utilized by the automotive industry for over 15 years.

IMDS/CDX are designed to feed high-quality data to the wide universe of behind-the-firewall solutions for large companies with in-house systems, and to operate as a complete, low-cost material compliance reporting solution for small-to-medium sized companies which function without the complex internal IT infrastructure of larger organizations.

Assisting Members with Material Compliance

Last August, AEM announced its selection of HPE’s CDX service as a preferred platform to support the Association’s materials regulatory compliance program.

“AEM plans to integrate the AEM MAP (Market Access Pathway) program with CDX as an integral part of its coordinated overall program to assist AEM members and their supply chains with material compliance, by offering a coherent compliance strategy, and not simply tool-provider alliances,” said John Wagner, AEM director of materials management.

Members who start using HPE’s CDX platform during the first six months following the announcement, through January 2016, will lock in the AEM-negotiated pricing for two years.

Other benefits of CDX service include:

  • No formal agreement – just acceptance of standard HPE Terms and Conditions and acknowledgement of AEM membership
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Initial investment less than $1,000
  • No obligation beyond the initial investment
  • Take up to two years to use the initial MDSs you purchase

Learn More

For pricing details and information on how to get started, contact AEM’s John Wagner (, tel: 414-298-4164).