Uruguay's transport and public works ministry MTOP announced two bids were received for the Corredor Vial Circuito 1 highway project in the southwest of the country. 

The works involve repairing and improving routes 12, 54, 55, 57 and the Carmelo bypass.

The interested parties were firm Ramón Álvarez and consortium Grupo Oriental 1, composed of Ciemsa, Traxpalco and Hernández y González.

The offers will now undergo a technical evaluation culminating in the pre-award of the project, to be followed by negotiation of contract terms. Investment is estimated at US$200mn.

The project will be developed as a public-private partnership with the private sector in charge of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the routes. The bypass includes a bridge over the Arroyo de las Vacas river.

Only one other highway PPP has been awarded in the country before, in November 2015 for routes 21 and 24.

The bidding process is also open for the Corredor Vial Circuito 2, including route 9 from Rocha to Chuy and route 15 to Velázquez. Proposals will be accepted until July 12.


Source: BNamericas