National Dairy Month

By Brian Voss, AEM Agriculture Services Manager

National Dairy Month started from humble beginnings as an effort to promote the consumption of milk to help reduce a surplus in supply. Now, eight decades later, it serves as a celebration of a dairy farmer’s way of life and a learning experience for those who are not familiar with dairy farming.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of National Dairy Month this June, dairy farmers from all across the country will open their barns to show the public at large just how a modern dairy works. It requires a tremendous amount of knowledge, planning and technology, and today’s farmers have a wealth of equipment and technology to assist in the application of fertilizer, the planting of seeds down to sub-inch accuracy in order to grow, and then the mixing of the best feed for the cows to enjoy.

Today’s advancements in milk production would not be achieved without the use of equipment designed and manufactured by AEM members. These offerings plant, fertilize, protect, feed and milk some of the most productive cows in the world. AEM also works diligently to serve the dairy industry through the efforts of its Dairy Equipment Leadership Group, its Dairy Equipment Statistics Committee and its Dairy Equipment Engineering Committee, as well as through its 23 statistical reporting programs.

So as you travel the countryside, attend local dairy breakfasts and festivals and create delicious dairy recipes to share with your family and friends, take a moment to think about all of what goes into operating a dairy farm.

AEM’s own W.J. “Bernie” Bernhard puts it best: “A farmer is a mechanic, an operator, a nutritionist, an agronomist, an electrician, a plumber, a conservationist a marketer and a businessman.” And while there is quite a bit that goes into running a dairy farm, doing so is an incredibly rewarding occupation and way of life.