Digger Derrick ManualUpdated safety symbols and pictograms, the addition of new content and a cleaner format are among the recent enhancements that have been made to AEM’s Digger Derrick Safety Manual.

The manual also features key terms for calculating load capacities when using a digger derrick for lifting operations. Sample pages from the manual can be viewed here

While not a substitute for a manufacturers’ manual, AEM’s Digger Derrick Safety Manual features guidelines covering the safe operation and maintenance of digger derricks in a concise, well-illustrated and easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, the manual also contains information on lifting, pole setting and digging operation, as well as personnel platform safety.

The Digger Derrick Safety Manual is available for purchase by both AEM members and non-members at http://shop.aem.org/p-50-digger-derrick-safety-manual.aspx.

How to Order

All AEM safety manuals, videos, and related safety and training products are available online through the AEM Store (www.safetymaterials.org).

For more information on AEM safety materials, contact AEM Safety Materials Manager Jaime Vos (jvos@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4135).