The industry's top tech and safety priorities for 2016 clearly reflect both current issues and ongoing concerns.

Members of AEM's Tech & Safety Leadership Committee met recently and ranked their top multi-sector priorities for the year as follows:

  • Support of standards activities
  • North American regulatory relationships
  • Seat belt promotion
  • EU Stage 5 engine emissions regulations
  • Remote control / autonomous vehicles
  • Fuel quality cleanliness
  • Back-over avoidance
  • Underground utility awareness campaign

The following were identified as additional priorities unique to the AG sector: 

  • Ag roadway initiative
  • Ag sprayer initiative
  • ROPS retrofit activities
  • Global braking requirements
  • Proprietary service repair information regulations (Right-to-Repair regulations)  

The following were identified as additional priorities unique to the CE sector: 

  • Silica regulations
  • Hand, arm, whole body vibration 

The following were additional priorities unique to the Forestry sector:

  • Thrown objects
  • Traction assist 

The following is an additional priority of the Mining and CE sector:

  • Silica regulations

The following is an additional priority of the Utility sector:

  • Vacuum excavation and sewer cleaning equipment standards development

Priorities Presented to AEM Staff

The combined priorities were presented to AEM's Technical & Safety Services staff, who will place them on upcoming meeting agendas of product-specific groups for action or resolution. 

The Tech & Safety Leadership Committee meets face-to-face twice per year, with additional teleconferences as required, to discuss technical and safety priorities. As in 2015, this year the CE equipment sector met independently of the AG equipment sector. The committee will have a combined meeting in May. 

The Tech & Safety Leadership Committee’s responsibilities are similar to the former Tech & Safety Council, which it replaces. 

For more information on the Tech & Safety Leadership Committee, contact Mike Pankonin, AEM senior director, technical and safety services (, tel: 414-298-4128).