The secretariat of mobility in Colombian city Medellín is looking into drones as a solution to offset the insufficient number of transit police and clear roads in cases of accidents with no injured parties.

Juan Esteban Martínez, the city's secretary of mobility, told local media outlet Telemedellín that the secretariat is assessing drone technology with the intention of incorporating it permanently. The use of drones in traffic management will be an addition to the smart city initiatives Medellín has already taken.

The secretariat is already using four drones, but it is planning to implement a fleet of 12 that will be used to take photographs and calculate the area affected by an accident. Transit officers currently measure and sketch the accident scene manually, a process that can take up to 40 minutes, which in turn affects traffic.

Mobility expert Rodrigo Salazar commented that using drones to address minor accidents allows information to be collected quickly and for the vehicles involved in a crash to be moved, thus relieving traffic.

The Medellin transit secretariat of transit registers between 50 and 60 minor accidents each day. By the first half of this year, the organism had reported 10,110 minor transit accidents.


Source: BNamericas