The Information Economy of the 1990s was a turning point in business strategy. Now, vast new data streams from AI and telematics are driving new revenue opportunities and forcing organizational makeovers. But is your business positioned for success in the analytics-driven future? Do you even have the tools to be effective in what is being called the Prediction Economy? 

Through McKinsey & Company, AEM is conducting the AQ20 survey as a service to our members. The survey will provide assessment and benchmarking of your readiness to succeed in the Prediction Economy. The results are aggregated against the 380-plus companies who have already completed the AQ20. You will understand how your company rates within our business sector, and also receive customized results and recommended action plans. 

AQ20 is built around six dimensions and organizational needs to effectively use analytics as a business strategy. The survey takes about 20 minutes for a participant to complete and requires 10-plus participants at each company. You must be a member of AEM to participate.

For more information, contact AEM Director of Education Programs Brooke Konopacki at

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