Nicaragua is seeking a US$58.7mn loan from Central American development bank Cabei for improvements to 58.5km of the Muy Muy-Matíguas-Río Blanco highway in Matagalpa department.

The highway improvement works will benefit the transit mobility of 98,000 people, according to a press release from the country's national assembly.

Works will include the improvement of 58.5km of highway under the responsibility of the transport and infrastructure ministry (MTI).

The highway stretches Muy Muy-Matiguás-Río Blanco, are part of the strategic corridor that will connect the autonomous region of the Costa Caribe Norte, and the Central and Pacific regions of the country, said transport and infrastructure minister Pablo Martínez.

The works are expected to start in the first quarter of 2017 and conclude at the end of 2019.​


Source: BNamericas