AEMPAC-backed lawmakers overwhelmingly re-electedAEMPAC-supported candidates overwhelmingly won re-election in 2016, sending a series of pro-manufacturing lawmakers to Washington for the 115th Congress.

AEMPAC is the AEM Political Action CommitteeAEMPAC supports candidates for federal office, and other key officials and decision makers, who support the AEM mission of advancing equipment manufacturers in the global marketplace.

A bipartisan slate of 30 House and Senate candidates won their contests on Election Day. AEMPAC had provided financial support to the campaigns of eight U.S. Senators and 22 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Only one candidate supported by AEMPAC failed to win election to Congress.

Republicans retained control of both chambers as a result of the elections. The GOP lost a net total of six House seats, putting their majority at 239 to Democrats’ 193 seats. Republicans also lost a net total of two Senate seats with the outcome of Louisiana’s Senate race depending upon a runoff contest in December.

AEM members attending this week’s Annual Conference in Santa Barbara, California have a chance to support AEMPAC by attending its gala dinner during the conference this week, or by bidding for auction items online. AEM thanks members for their continued support of the AEMPAC, which will continue to promote a pro-manufacturing agenda in next Congress.