Setting association goals for the upcoming year and guiding the ongoing execution of strategic initiatives were among the highlights of this month’s meeting of the AEM Board of Directors.

The board convened at the AEM Annual Conference in Palm Beach, Florida and took action on a number of issues, including approval of 2018 AEM goals and support for year two of AEM’s Strategic Plan implementation.

The 2018 goals were developed based on priorities set by the board at its July 19 meeting and the long-term objectives of the AEM Strategic Plan. The 2018 goals focus on the priorities of:

  • Advocacy Development and Public Affairs -- Specific priorities include state advocacy and infrastructure.
  • Thought Leadership -- Key priorities include focusing on young leadership development and continuing to offer regional events focused on thought leadership topics that are relevant and valuable to members. 
  • Customer Connections -- Objectives include the continued growth of the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365 initiative and enhanced service support for exhibitors. 
  • Driving Data and Digital Direction -- AEM is focused on supporting efforts to ensure a long-term, secure, sustainable program to meet the future needs of members using best-in-class technology. 
  • Membership and Financial/Operations -- Areas of focus include member engagement, recruitment and retention. 

The board approved the proposed 2018 AEM Budget, as recommended by the Finance Committee. The budget includes an investment of $2,971,000 in Strategic Plan investments, plus an additional $2.5 million for statistics acquisition and 2018 spending for software development of a new platform for that service. The total investment in 2018 is $5,471,000 and is in line with the projected three-year investment approved as part of the Strategic Plan.

The board also accepted a Treasurer’s Report, which highlighted a 2017 net operating surplus currently forecasted at $6 million, compared to an original budget of $3.4 million (for a favorable variance budget of $2.6 million).

In addition, the AEM Board of Directors:

  • Supported the plan for AEM to develop a proposed plan for aiding workforce development efforts by its members and the equipment industry. 
  • Thanked 2017 AEM Chair Mike Haberman for his leadership, commitment and service to lead the association to a highly successful year of accomplishments and goal achievements.

The next meeting of the AEM Board of Directors will be held March 13-14, 2018 in Washington D.C.