AEM launched a new digital advertising campaign in Washington, D.C. encouraging Congress to finish and pass comprehensive tax reform legislation.

As the U.S. Senate works toward passing its own tax bill – following a vote in the House to approve its own tax legislation before Thanksgiving – AEM launched the ad blitz to target lawmakers, congressional staff and other stakeholders in Washington. 

“The men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry are counting on Congress to get tax reform across the finish line this year,” said AEM Vice President Kip Eideberg. “That is why we are launching this ad: to let our elected leaders know how important tax reform is to creating good-paying manufacturing jobs, and tilting the competitive balance back in favor of manufacturers in the United States.”

The tax reform video is a continuation of the “Behind Every Product” campaign that AEM has run this year in the nation’s capital to promote the economic impact of the equipment manufacturing industry.