NAFTA OttawaIn an effort to highlight equipment manufacturers’ top priorities during the third round of NAFTA negotiations, AEM hosted government and business stakeholders last week in Ottawa, Ontario.

As negotiations continue, and with the next round slated for October 11-15 in Washington, D.C., AEM is focused on ensuring equipment manufacturers have a seat at the table.

Speaking to Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, as well as the French language La Presse, AEM’s Alex Russ stressed the importance of maintaining integrated manufacturing and supply chains among all three trading partners, and he emphasized that failing to shape the trade relationship of the North American market is not an option.

“A stand-alone U.S. domestic content rule is a concern.. Given the amount of commerce that flows over both borders, any disruption to that would be problematic,” said Russ.

Representing an industry dedicated to building the highest quality goods, Russ echoed this commitment by stressing the need for negotiators to avoid artificial timelines and continue to hammer out the most comprehensive and highest standard agreement possible.

“The idea of finishing the negotiations before the end of the year seems very aggressive,” said Russ. “We want to have an agreement that will be complete and that will be the best we can get.”