Paraguay's lower house has approved a proposal to declare of national interest the construction of a second international bridge over the Paraná river, also called the Amistad II bridge, which would connect the cities of Puerto Presidente Franco in Paraguay and Foz de Iguazú in Brazil.

The mandate approves an agreement between Paraguay and Brazil for the construction of the bridge.

"Since 2007, we have been working to formally materialize the construction project for the second bridge that will unite the cities, and back then, an agreement was approved between the two countries regarding the responsibility of each one in the execution of the project," congressman Ramón Romero Roa said.


Source: MOPC


The agreement also included a declaration of national interest for the complementary access road works on the Paraguayan side.

The proposal was made by congressman Roa.

Back in April, Paraguay's public works and communications ministry MOPC announced that construction works on the project would begin in June, but they have not yet started.

At the beginning of July, during a meeting to celebrate improvement works on the first Amistad bridge, MOPC's minister Ramón Jiménez Gaona stated, after a meeting with Brazil's transport minister Mauricio Quintella, that the government hoped to have resolved the situation on the Amistad II project by August.

The project requires investments of more than US$100mn and works are due to take 1,050 days, finishing in 2019.


Source: BNamericas