AEM Thinking ForwardCutting-edge industry trends can pose significant challenges for all types of organizations. They can also afford opportunities for growth and improvement, but for those who are willing and able to take advantage of them.

With that fact in mind, AEM is pleased to announce the virtual return of its Thinking Forward series of events, which aim to help its attendees learn about advancements in technology through sharing innovation concepts that change business models.

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Three virtual events are scheduled to be held in 2020:

Shedding light on disruptive, cutting-edge trends and technologies poised to impact the equipment manufacturing industry in the not-too-distant future has been a priority of great significance for AEM in the last few years.

But the association’s efforts to inform its members and the industry at large through its Thinking Forward events and related thought leadership content are only worthwhile if equipment manufacturers take advantage of the information and insights provided by leading experts to gain and incorporate what they learn into day-to-day business activities.

AEM is excited to be able to offer members and non-members an opportunity to hear and learn from forward-thinking innovators and industry trendsetters. Details on this year’s series of virtual Thinking Forward events are as follows:

Leveraging Technology for New Business Models (Sept. 9)

Experts from Trend Hunter will tackle tech-centric topics including avatars and chat boxes, digital commerce, Internet of things (IoT) and sustainability - to name a few. Trend Hunter will offer compelling brainstorming questions to outline the tactical applications of the research behind these new models that can help organizations grow their respective businesses.

Digitizing End-to-End Customer Experiences (Oct. 6)

Peter Sheldon, senior director, commerce strategy at Adobe, will share his organization’s perspective on the "new normal,” one where manufacturers are pivoting to enable direct-to-buyer business models that focus on intimate customer experiences and foster a digitally-connected community culture that challenge the status quo and the traditional role of the distributor. The presentation will also include perspectives from a consumer, a case study and a panel discussion.

Leveraging Technology to Meet New Customer Expectations (Oct. 20)

Representatives from Quantum Capture and other experts will share how organizations can leverage AI technology by adding chatbots and avatars to their customer support teams for round-the-clock service. Learn why businesses that adopt these approaches will continue to see growth in the future.

For more information on AEM’s Thinking Forward series of events or to register, visit or contact AEM’s Helen Horner at

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