U.S. Rep Jeff Denham visited VSS Macropaver’s Hickman, California-based facility this past Tuesday for a scheduled I Make America event, where he met with employees and learned about the top issues impacting some of the equipment manufacturing industry’s 1.3 million workers.

Located in California’s 10th congressional district, VSS Macropaver designs, sells and supports equipment used to modify asphalt, as well as mobile equipment used for road maintenance. VSS Macropaver is part of a larger group of companies that includes George Reed, Inc.,711 Materials, Inc. and VSS International, all owned by Basic Resources, Inc. in Modesto, California.

Rep. Denham toured the facility, engaging in dialogue with many of the men and women at VSS Macropaver, including an in-depth Q&A session on the shop floor. Employees asked him for updates on a comprehensive infrastructure bill, the Trump administration’s trade policies and federal workforce development initiatives.

Jeff Reed, president and CEO of Basic Resources, Inc., also met with Rep. Denham. Reed said afterwards “we greatly appreciated having Rep. Denham visit with VSS Macropaver employees and hear first-hand about the issues that impact the equipment manufacturing industry. With the election next week it’s important to have our voices heard. We need elected officials like Rep. Denham help promote pro-manufacturing policies in Congress. Including policies supporting infrastructure investment, free trade and workforce development. Our team is thankful to have had the chance to partner for the first time with AEM and its grassroots campaign I Make America.”

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