MEWPAEM members have been working diligently behind the scenes to bring revised ANSI/SAIA A92.20/22 standards to publication.

The three standards – which influence MEWP stakeholders – are A92.20, covering design, A92.22, covering safe use, and A92.24, covering training.

“Equipment manufacturers have been working in limbo for years, ensuring that their equipment meets current standards, all while preparing for the changes in the new version to be published,” said AEM Director of Product Stewardship Jeff Jurgens. “They are now ready to move forward with clear direction.”

Under the new standards, MEWPs are classified differently and are divided into the following groups:

  • Group A for those with platforms that move vertically but stay inside the tipping line
  • Group B for all other MEWPs – typically, boom-type equipment where the platform extends past the tipping line

Within each of these groups, machines are separated into types:

  • Type 1 for those that travel only in the stowed position
  • Type 2 for those that can travel while elevated but controlled from the chassis
  • Type 3 for those that can travel while elevated but controlled from the work platform

The training component of the standards has owners and operators complying to new responsibilities. Dealers and rental companies also have a much greater responsibility to train and familiarize users, part of which includes proper machine application and site risk assessment.

“Not only will current operators will need additional training to become qualified, but anyone who supervises MEWP operators will need in depth knowledge of the equipment and the potential hazards related with their use,” said Jurgens.

For more information on the newly revised ANSI/SAIA A92.20/22 standards, contact AEM’s Jeff Jurgens at

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