A five-year strategic plan called Route 2020 will provide a clear mission and vision for the future of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF).

In a recent report to the AEM Board of Directors, AEF Chair Peter van der Vlugt said the new plan will provide a road mapping process for better project management and a SharePoint collaboration site for improved speed and efficiency.

As a result of the plan, a full-time database administrator has been hired to support AEF’s growing online workload. Plans are also underway to fill a new general manager position.

AEM is a founding member of AEF along with the German machinery association VDMA and eight ag equipment manufacturers. From its start in 2008, AEF has grown from about 40 to nearly 190 member companies in 21 countries around the world.

AEF’s new Wireless In-field Communications and High-Speed ISOBUS project teams, along with nine others, involve hundreds of engineers and marketing experts from member companies who are developing guidelines to implement complex ag electronics standards.

“AEF is the best example of manufacturers cooperating for the benefit of our customers,” Van der Vlugt said.

AEF Helps Manufacturers, Dealers, Farmers

Van der Vlugt noted that the success of the AEF has provided products for use by manufacturers, dealers and farmers:

  • Component certification with the AEF Conformance test helps OEMs provide ISOBUS compliant components for use in their products.
  • Plugfest events organized by AEF in the U. S. and Europe provide an unheard of opportunity for OEMs and other equipment manufacturers to test their systems together.
  • The AEF ISOBUS Database helps dealers and farmers with troubleshooting and identifying product compatibility.

For more information, visit the AEF website: www.aef-online.org.