ASPCCIf you work in the realm of Agricultural Product Safety and Compliance, be sure to mark April 7, 8 and 28  on your calendar for the Spring Ag Product Safety & Compliance Council (APSCC) and associated Technical Committee meetings. While typically held in-person biannually (spring and fall), these upcoming meetings will be held in a virtual formal only.

Open to AEM member companies only, those who manufacture and market similar ag equipment participate in the standing committees to address issues related to safety, standards and regulations, education, public policy, and the improvement of the overall industry's image with respect to their product specific groups. Meeting invitations and agendas have already been distributed to the committee rosters, but if you have not received it, please contact your committee’s AEM staff contact.

See below for a snapshot of the upcoming meetings.

April 7 April 8 April 28
Ag Product Safety & Compliance Council (APSCC) Tractor ROPS & Equip Stability Technical Committee (TRESTC) Ag Equip Pictorial Review Committee (AEPRC)
Tractor Implement Interface/PTO Technical Committee (TII/PTOTC) Ag Equip Roadway Tech Group (AERTG)  
Liquid Application Equip Tech Group (LAETG) Ag Product Safety & Compliance Council (APSCC)  
Industrial & Agricultural Mower Technical Committee (IAMTC)    
Crop Production Equipment Technical Council (CPETC)    

Also, below is a list of all the committees that fall underneath the APSCC umbrella. By clicking a link, you will be taken to the committee homepage where other resources such as meeting minutes and Agendas can be found.

To learn more about the APSCC or to join a specific committee, please click on the Homepage links above to find the AEM Staff Contact information.

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