"If I sound like an advocate, if I sound excited about what AEM does for us, it's because it's true," Wacker Neuson Corporation President & CEO Chris Barnard told a gathering of member representatives last week.

Barnard, who serves on the AEM Board of Directors, keynoted a regional membership session at AEM’s Milwaukee headquarters on September 22.

“The unique part of AEM is that everything is focused on making my business more effective," said Barnard. “It’s part of AEM’s DNA. If member companies don’t flourish, AEM doesn't flourish.”

Advocacy, Statistics Key to Maximizing ROI

Advocacy and statistics programs are key to maximizing Wacker Neuson’s return on its AEM membership investment, Barnard said.

“Wacker Neuson benefits from the focused and cost-effective DC team that has done such an excellent job for the industry,” he noted. “On its own, Wacker Neuson could never afford the team we have in DC.”

When it comes to statistics, “if you cannot measure, you cannot manage,” Barnard said.

“The AEM statistics programs provide accurate data without risk of losing control over confidential information,” he said. “With this accurate and timely data, we can manage our business more effectively.”

Nineteen attendees from 13 member companies participated in the regional membership meeting, which is part of an enhanced meeting strategy that offers attendees more value-added content and improved opportunities for networking and discussion.

View highlights from the session:

New Members Lunch at Annual Conference

New members are invited to attend a luncheon on November 2 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. at the AEM Annual Conference.

For more information, contact AEM Membership Director Paul Malek (pmalek@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4153).