ExhibitionsMore than two dozen AEM Exhibitions and Marketing team members recently completed a Neuroscience of Exhibitions and Events CEM Module and received their Digital Credentials from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) and Madison College.

The association’s staff received the credentials as a result of completing a workshop designed to help them achieve the skills and learning outcomes of Neuroscience Exhibitions and Events.

“As a team, we understand the need to focus on delivering an increased return on investment at trade shows,” said AEM Senior Vice President of Exhibitions and Marketing Nicole Hallada. “When (AEM Senior Director of Event Logistics) Angela Weller brought this idea to us, we knew it would be a valuable tool for learning how to deliver experiences that were more meaningful and drive results.”

According to program organizers, participants are provided with the necessary skills to help create exciting and engaging experiences that accelerate relationships, deliver business results and drive meaning. They are also immersed in the world of how people’s brains work, how they react in situations like exhibitions and events, as well as how their brains influence decision-making and collaboration.

“The timing was perfect for us to participate in this workshop, as we are in the midst of planning for all of our AEM shows and events right now,” said Weller.

“It was amazing to see all of the ideas that were generated in the workshop, and the experience proved that was we were learning was both applicable and valuable,” she added.

AEM staff who received their Neuroscience Exhibitions and Events credentials include Hallada, Weller, Dana Wuesthoff, Stacy Wessel, Sarah Rewasiewicz, Tina Hamberg, Peter Kaufmann, Pedro Martin, Jennifer Gallatin, Carla Mann, Patricia Rondon, Rebecca Kettlewell, Mary Bukovic, Jacquelyn La Favor, Caroline Roberts, Shawna Plautz, Brianne Deja, Jordanne Waldschmidt, Melissa Line, Trish Schoof, Helen Horner, Brook Konopacaki, John Rozum, Jennifer Richter, Fred Vieira, Brittany Weltcheff, Alejandra Anderson and Jake Haapakoski.

For more information on IAEE's Neuroscience of Exhibitions and Events, visit, visit www.iaee.com.

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