Benefits of Construction Equipment Technologies and Their Impact on Society

AEM released a study on how construction equipment technologies have advanced the construction industry and benefited a wide range of stakeholders, from contractors, to owners, to society as a whole.

Future of Building

Learn about the top 10 trends that will have a significant impact on construction.

Future of Food Production

Learn about the top 13 trends that will help define the future of food production.

Engine Emission Regulations Position Paper

Recommendations to educate industry stakeholders and policymakers on the challenges and opportunities facing AEM members as they work to meet future emissions requirements.

Ag Tractor & Combine Reports

A monthly report detailing the ag tractor sales in the U.S. and Canada.

Environmental Benefits of Precision Agriculture

AEM, in partnership with the American Soybean Association, CropLife America, and National Corn Growers Association, released a study quantifying how widely available precision agriculture technology improves environmental stewardship while providing economic return for farmers.

Modern Dairy

AEM, in partnership with The National Milk Producers Federation and Dairy Farmers of America, issued a study quantifying the benefits of modern dairy technologies and how they have positively impacted consumers, dairy farmers and cows over the past 15 years.

Economic Impact Study

This report highlights the industry’s total and direct contribution to the U.S. economy at the national, state, and congressional levels.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

AEM members can make confident business decisions from comprehensive data sets in one easy-to-use platform.

Workforce Solutions Resources/Toolkit

We offer many resources to help our members win the war on talent.

Sustainability Toolkit

Assessments and resources to help member companies and their supply chains minimize impact on the environment.