Our Vision

To be the leading organization in North America enabling equipment manufacturers to be successful in the global marketplace. View the 2018 Annual Report.

AEM Strategic Plan

In July 2016, the AEM Board approved our new 2017-2019 Strategic Plan that sets the long-term direction and priorities to guide AEM activities and services to enhance our support of our members and the industry.

As part of the new Strategic Plan, the AEM Board identified five Key Result Area (KRAs) that highlight the plan’s most significant objectives:

  • Advocacy Development – Expand the scope of AEM’s legislative and regulatory advocacy to effect U.S. federal and state-level, and Canada issues for greater membership representation.
  • Thought Leadership – Position AEM as a recognized and influential thought leader by articulating an industry vision and by keeping our members informed about potential issues that could disrupt their business models and their industries.
  • Optimize Customer Connections – Optimize and evolve both AEM’s trade show model to deliver maximum ROI/ROO to members and AEM’s show ownership positions in both construction and agriculture.
  • Driving Data and Digital Direction – Influence and guide the implementation and flow of critical data within our industries to enable our members to be successful in the global marketplace.
  • Agriculture Leadership – Unite the Agriculture equipment and technology industry under the AEM brand to achieve a leadership position.

Download Strategic Plan & Priorities