Our Vision

To be the leading organization in North America enabling equipment manufacturers to be successful in the global marketplace.

The 10 Principles that will Guide AEM's Future Direction:
  1. Think and act globallyServe AEM members and the industries AEM represents in the current and emerging global marketplace.
  2. Be the world leaderBe the world leader serving equipment manufacturers in the core service areas of market information, technical/safety, global public policy and exhibitions.
  3. Serve the industry sectorsProvide services to equipment manufacturers and service providers in the agricultural, construction, forestry, mining and utility industries.
  4. Serve all companiesProvide services to all AEM members – large and small – recognizing the different needs of the broad spectrum of members and the equipment they produce for the industry sectors served by AEM.
  5. Invest in the industryReinvest the revenues earned by AEM to provide services to AEM members and to support the industries AEM serves.
  6. EducateProvide education and networking opportunities to help AEM members and their employees be more productive for their companies, while educating the general public about the industries served by AEM.
  7. Engage in emerging marketsAssist members in emerging markets by identifying business opportunities and developing services to support AEM members in these markets.
  8. PartnerDevelop and enhance cooperative relationships with industry organizations and trade associations, including customer groups, worldwide to maximize the value of services.
  9. Engage volunteer leadershipPrepare all AEM member representatives and staff to be valued leaders. Create an environment of active, manufacturer-led member participation in AEM services and activities representing all sectors and company sizes of the diverse industries served by AEM.
  10. ImproveContinually improve all endeavors by being ever mindful that there isn't anything being done that can't be done better. Benchmark services and operations with leading organizations to continue to improve the best services to AEM members.