The eligible restricted class includes individuals who are U.S. citizens (or those with Permanent Resident status) and are executive or administrative personnel of an AEM member company or an AEM executive; provided the member company has granted AEMPAC written approval to solicit contributions from the company’s restricted class. If you are not an individual meeting all the criteria described above you cannot make a personal contribution to AEMPAC.

Member Company Prior Approval

Federal election law requires a member company to grant AEMPAC the company’s approval to solicit voluntary personal contributions from its key employees. A member company may only grant solicitation approval to one trade association PAC each year. Please complete the Prior Approval Form, sign electronically, and submit to AEMPAC for approval. If you have any questions about the Prior Approval Form or AEMPAC, contact Nick Tindall at or 202-898-9067.

NOTE: Your personal contribution will not be accepted until your company’s Prior Approval Form has been received by AEMPAC.

What Funds Can Be Accepted

Federal law requires that all contributions to AEMPAC be in the form of personal dollars from individuals only. AEMPAC may not accept corporate contributions.

Support Your Industry's Voice

Once your company’s Prior Approval Form has been received, you and your company’s other key employees are ready to make your voluntary contribution. View the AEMPAC Contribution Form.