The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) advocates on behalf of its more than 1,000-member companies representing more than 200 product lines in the agriculture and construction-related industry sectors, to urge elected officials to support pro-manufacturing policies. This election year, it’s critical for voters to choose candidates who support passing public policies that will help encourage investment, job growth, and the manufacturing of more equipment in the United States.

Pledge to Equipment Manufacturers

This election year, AEM has invited 2020 candidates to take the Pledge to Equipment Manufacturers.

The Pledge to Equipment Manufacturers is a new program encouraging candidates to declare their support for the policies that keep the industry strong and America exceptional. It is an opportunity for any candidate running for elected office in 2020 to demonstrate their support for the 2.8 million men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry. The pledge is open to all candidates running for office at the local, state, and federal levels. Learn more.

Equipped to Vote campaign

For the first time, AEM and its national grassroots campaign I Make America have embarked on a new get-out-the-vote campaign ahead of this year’s election. “Equipped to Vote” is a full-fledged digital campaign designed to engage, educate, and mobilize the 2.8 million men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry leading up to the general election this fall. The goal of the campaign is to educate supporters on the policies that matter to the industry, encourage greater civic engagement, and help elect pro-manufacturing candidates. Learn more.


AEM encourages candidates in 2020 to pledge their support to pro-manufacturing policies once in office. This includes acknowledging and supporting the following policy priorities that benefit equipment manufacturers:

Infrastructure investment

Equipment manufacturers need modern infrastructure to compete in the global economy. AEM supports comprehensive legislation to rebuild our infrastructure, create good-paying jobs, grow our economy, and help reclaim our infrastructure advantage. Our members are also calling on the federal government to prioritize infrastructure investment as one of the best ways to support our industry and rebuild the U.S. economy. Learn more.

Rural America

Keeping our rural communities strong only benefits farmers and ranchers, but also helps protect the more than 700,000 agricultural equipment manufacturing jobs across the United States. Learn more.

Free and fair trade

Pro-growth trade policies keep the U.S. equipment manufacturing industry strong and American workers employed. Elected officials need to support pro-growth trade policies that keep U.S. equipment manufacturing robust in an increasingly competitive global market. Learn more.

Workforce development

A pipeline of skilled labor to fill current and future needs is critical to the success of the equipment manufacturing industry. Learn more.

Tax policy

Equipment manufacturers support tax and fiscal policies that promote investment, competitiveness, and job creation. Learn more.

National Manufacturing Strategy

AEM has called on the federal government to develop and implement a comprehensive national strategy for manufacturing to strengthen the economy, create new jobs and opportunities, and ensure the United States is the best place in the world for equipment manufacturers to innovate, manufacture, and do business. You should be disappointed that the federal government hasn’t done enough. Learn more.


While a combine harvester cutting corn or an excavator digging a trench are a common sight for many Americans, they may not realize what that equipment means to the hard-working Americans who build it and the impact the equipment manufacturing industry has on communities across America. Whether it is the welder controlling a robotic welding machine or the software engineer designing the controls for a new wheel loader, there are good-paying jobs and significant economic contributions across all 50 states made by the equipment manufacturing industry.

There are 2.8 million jobs supported by equipment manufacturers, which represents 12% of all U.S. manufacturing sector jobs, and $288 billion a year contributed to the U.S. economy by the industry.

Other economic contribution highlights include:

  • Equipment manufacturing jobs pay 35% above the national average
  • Equipment manufacturers support at least 1,000 jobs in 44 states and at least 1,000 jobs in nearly two-thirds of every U.S. congressional district.
  • $791 billion dollars a year is generated by equipment manufacturers in total equipment sales and output
  • $53.7 billion a year is paid by the equipment manufacturing industry in federal, state, and local taxes

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