Agritech Business Barometer

Twice a year, in April and October, the Agrievolution Economic Committee reaches out to the senior management of their agricultural equipment manufacturing representatives and requests feedback on their current business situation as well as their outlook for their respective markets. The Agritech Business Barometer in its complete form is available to our members who participate in the survey, while a condensed public version is available here. To participate in future surveys and receive the full report, contact Benjamin Duyck.

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Tractor Market Report

The Tractor Market Report provides our community with statistics on monthly and yearly units of tractors sold worldwide with in-depth observations by the Agrievolution Economic Committee.   Members only.

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Agrievolution Ag Indexes

The Agrievolution Ag Indexes provide AEM members with 10 regional and 18 country specific indexes that track the following for product groups: forage harvesters, balers, combines and tractors. The indexes are released on a quarterly basis.   Members only.

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Country Reports

Report Date: November 2019

Members of the Agrievolution Economic Committee meet annually to discuss and present their reports on the industry, economy and agriculture equipment mechanism.   Members only.

Key Figures and Forecasts

Our members can receive a complete national Key Figures and Forecasts Report which outlines volumes of markets, product and trade, as well as an outlook for the current and following year. If you're a member and would like to receive the full report, contact Benjamin Duyck.