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  • AEM Economic Research Report This report was prepared by the global research firm IHS Markit and captures the economic footprint of the equipment manufacturing industry in the United States and Canada.


Macro-Trends and The Implications on the Agricultural Equipment Sector

Equipment manufacturers will have to contend with new realities over the next 25 years, due to the impact of shifting societal trends.

To help AEM members better prepare to compete in the marketplace of the future, AEM partnered with the Context Network on a research project that explores the impact of several major trends that are impacting agriculture, and mapped out the challenges and opportunities that manufacturers will face in building the next generation of farm equipment.

The results of this research project are presented in three webinars and a final report for AEM members only, which can be viewed below.

  1. Changing Farm Structure Webinar. In the first of three webinars sharing the results of the AEM-sponsored research on macro trends facing the Agriculture industry, Doug Griffin from AEM member Context Network explores shifts in land ownership and the technologies that will impact the agriculture equipment value chain in the next 10 to 25 years.  Members only.
  2. Technology and Artificial Intelligence Webinar. In the second webinar, Doug Griffin from AEM member Context Network discusses how new and emerging technologies will reshape farms over the next 10 to 25 years, and how manufacturers will have to adapt in order to stay relevant.
     Members only.
  3. Agriculture and the Service-Based Economy Webinar. In the final webinar in the series, Doug Griffin from AEM member Context Network discusses how the definition of “service” will change over the next 10-25 years, from repairs and maintenance to big-picture farming insight solutions. Farmers will have a greater need than ever before for a trusted advisor, and equipment manufacturers have a generational opportunity to fill that role.  Members only.

Quarterly Ag Equipment and CE Market Update Webinars

Twice a year, AEM members are invited to attend the Market Intelligence team’s webinars outlining industry developments and trends for the agricultural and construction equipment industries.

Webinars Overview:

  • Understand the industry's current “lay of the land”
  • Get insight into the drivers behind the industry and the hot topics that will define its future
  • Enjoy an overview and the highlights from the AEM Market Intelligence product line

To receive an access invitation, AEM members must enter their company’s Market Intelligence contact in the AEM Database Update (ADU) and enroll in their respective Quarterly Industry Trends Reports Surveys.