How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Product Innovation
Join us as we:
  • Dive deep into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learn how this technology is changing the way we innovate products – we’ll explore Generative Design and learn why it is a game changer.
  • Experience Autodesk’s Gallery to see how design shapes the world, from buildings, to machines that propel up forward, to products that enrich our everyday experiences.
  • Tour Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop to see the future of making things in action.
  • Discuss emerging technologies and network with members. View full agenda.
Featured Speaker:
Bryce Heventhal
Bryce Heventhal, Technical Marketing Manager, Product Design & Manufacturing, Autodesk

Bryce Heventhal is the Technical Marketing Manager for the Product Design & Manufacturing portfolio at Autodesk. He has 9+ years of CAD and FEA experience, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Recently, he has focused on how generative technology and artificial intelligence can improve the product design and manufacturing process.
David Knight
David Knight, Founder and CEO, Terbine

Mr Knight is the founder and CEO of Terbine, the first commercial marketplace for the world’s IoT-generated data. A serial entrepreneur, his technology background encompasses multi-spectral sensing, electronic messaging, enterprise software and distributed systems.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand how AI is influencing design
  • Discover how design is driving innovation
  • Explore the many influences of IoT and data exchange
  • Tour Autodesk Gallery and Pier 9 Workshop
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