Space Exploration across Industries

Space exploration has influenced our industries for generations. How will the exploration on Mars impact innovation and the next-gen workforce? Join us as we explore:

  • How the space industry is inspiring the next generation of the workforce
  • Mars exploration and how it will impact the future agriculture, construction and energy industries
  • Technology transfer from NASA research
  • The Johnson Space Center, exploring scientific and technological knowledge to benefit your company today and tomorrow.
Featured Speaker:
Abigail Harrison
Abigail Harrison, Founder & President of The Mars Generation
Abigail Harrison more popularly-known as Astronaut Abby, is an aspiring astronaut with the goal to be the first astronaut to walk on Mars. From an early age, Abigail devoted her interests to human space exploration.
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn to how to inspire the next generation
  • Understand Mars exploration impact on industries
  • Gain insights into technology transfer from NASA

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