Understanding the Motivations and Needs of Your Future Customer

Customers are more informed and engaged than ever before. It is increasingly important to understand what drives their buying decisions and how they are using your equipment in order to provide the products they seek.

Join us as we explore:

  • Behavioral science of motivation and how to build productive relationships with end-users and dealers
  • How the customer decision journey is evolving and the research that sheds light on how farmers and contractors purchase and use heavy equipment
  • The changing nature of customer relationships and how future customers may influence the products and services you offer
  • Tour the Airbus Experience Center, displaying its latest innovations through a series of interactive displays.
Featured Speakers:
Charlotte Blank, Maritz
Charlotte Blank, Chief Behavioral Officer, Maritz
Ms. Blank brings academic research to the needs of the marketplace, working with over half of Fortune 100 firms to understand human behavior in an evolving world.
Lonnie Love, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lonnie Love, Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Lonnie Love is the project lead for the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) program that is focusing on large-scale, high-speed composite additive manufacturing.
Paolo Sandrone, McKinsey Company
Paolo Sandrone, Partner, McKinsey Company  
Paolo Sandrone is a Partner in McKinsey's Chicago Office and a leader in McKinsey's Construction & Machinery service line.
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn to build collaborative relationships with customers
  • Understand how end customers use your products
  • Gain insights into the changing nature of supplier-buyer relationships

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