Group Leadership

Gene Fraser
MacDon Industries

Vice Chair
Richelle Andreas
S3 Enterprises

AEM Staff Contact

Kelly Lang
Account Success Advisor | 414-298-4176


Provide strategic guidance and direction on the development and execution of AEM’s services to members based and doing business in Canada (“Canada business members”).

2021 Priorities

  • Provide direction and recommendations for adding value to Canada business members.
  • Enhance AEM’s expanded Canadian advocacy efforts and increase member company participation in AEM’s Canadian advocacy efforts.
  • Participate at AEM-sponsored events in Canada.


  • Chair will be a member company executive and serve a one-year term on a volunteer basis with a consecutive term possible.
  • The Canada Leadership Group, on an as-needed basis, will determine other leadership posts.


  • Member company representatives located in Canada or conducting business in Canada.
  • Mix of geographical location, sectors and member categories to maximize representation of our industry’s interests across Canada.
  • Individuals with a background in sales, logistics and/or public policy will offer valuable insight on the direction of AEM’s Canada business efforts.


  • Represent the interests of members based in and doing business in Canada; assist with their interaction and networking, use of AEM services; and support the interests of the equipment manufacturing industry.
  • Determine the value from the Association on behalf of Canada business members; provide guidance and input on member services/events, engagement and marketing.
  • Provide strategic guidance and direction on AEM’s Canadian advocacy agenda.
  • Advocate in Canada for increasing infrastructure investment, regulatory coherence, trade facilitation, Right to Repair regulations and agricultural policies beneficial to our industry.
  • Participate at AEM sponsored events in Canada and help the Association raise awareness of the economic benefit our industry provides Canada.