Group Leadership

David Faber

Vice Chair

AEM Staff Contact

John Somers
Senior Director, Utility | 414-298-4172

Guiding Principles


  • To guide services and activities to benefit members in effectively supporting their customers through aftermarket and product support services, such as parts, warranty, and service.
  • Understanding how condition monitoring fits into the services business and the overall industry as well as helping all involved understand the technology available.
  • Review changes to the customer support model and evolving needs and expectations of customers, while discussing best practices and looking for areas to bring additional revenue back to the OEM through aftermarket activities.


  • The committee leadership consists of a Chair and Vice Chair elected by the members of the committee. In practice, it is expected the Chair and Vice Chair will serve two one-year terms.
  • Other leadership posts, such as subgroup or task force leads, will be determined by the committee on an as-needed basis.


  • The committee is made up approximately 20 company seats.
  • Each company may have more than one representative but only one vote on action items.
  • Companies may assign additional representatives to subcommittees, should they be created.
  • It is encouraged that each company representative holds a decision-maker role at their organization in order to act quickly and to help drive initiatives forward.
  • The committee will represent a cross-section of all industry sectors within the AEM membership.


  • Time commitment will be based on the current activities as determined by the committee, but anticipate one face-to-face meeting per year, phone or video conferences as needed, as well as other communication, such as email.