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Johnathan Josephs
Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Safety & Product Leadership Services


The primary functions of the AEM’s Lawyers Committee are to serve the best interests of member's in-house legal counsel as concerns product liability matters, legal and non-legal member representatives.


  • Provide an opportunity for AEM member staff charged with legal matters to meet and discuss common issues with equipment-industry peers
  • To serve as a resource to AEM staff to provide guidance on current and emerging legal issues that are relevant to the industry
  • Provide member input to guide session content for the annual AEM Product Liability Seminar



  • Current AEM member in-house counsel and employees of leadership in litigation, e.g. risk management, incident investigation, etc.
  • Outside committee designated by AEM members, which act as general legal counsel. Subject to majority approval by the AEM Lawyers Committee.

Agendas and Minutes

For committee agendas or minutes, please contact an AEM assigned staff member. Information on the AEM Product Liability Seminar can be found in the "Education and Training Tab" under Conferences.