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Group Leadership

Kevin Klein

Vice Chair
 - - vacant - -

AEM Staff Contact

Sara Feuling, Sr Director, Construction
CE Sector | 414-298-4149


The CnPB serves the interests of member manufacturers of concrete paving, screed, and associated equipment, and works for the benefit of their industry in equipment safety and other issues.

Bureau Goals

CnPB goals are to:

  • Pursue activities that help them produce safer, more efficient paving equipment.
  • Contribute to domestic and international standard and regulation processes for accuracy and commonality.
  • Promote the common business interests of its members.

These goals will help to:

  • Ensure continued, open access to global paving machinery markets.
  • Harmonize standards for safety.
  • Avoid significant design variations between various markets to simplify manufacturing and distribution.


Current bureau activities include:

  • Publish Safe Practices for Concrete Paver Operators
  • Monitor global standard and regulatory activity affecting the industry
  • Harmonizing industry warning & caution messages across the industry, utilizing safety pictorial graphics and text-free messages where appropriate
  • Maintain the AEM Construction Industry Slipform Paver Handbook as needed
  • The CnPB Bureau works to provide industry consensus best practice guidance documents for owners of concrete slipform pavers and related equipment

The bureau monitors global developments that may affect the industry.  Speaking for the industry, the CnPB seeks to influence operator technical and safety issues with voluntary, effective, industry consensus solutions.