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Steve Neva

AEM Staff Contact

Jason Malcore
Director, Global Standards and Compliance Technical & Safety Services | 414-274-0675

Each JTLM is an opportunity for product safety and compliance professionals from around the world to communicate and influence global standards, regulations and technical issues of mutual concern impacting the free trade of Off Road Mobile construction machinery. The committee is comprised of association staff and active members who provide content as industry experts from the following associations:

  • AEM – Association of Equipment Manufacturers
  • CCMA – China Construction Machinery Association
  • CECE – Committee for European Construction Equipment
  • CEMA – Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (Japan)
  • ICEMA  - Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association 
  • KOCEMA – Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association

Other associations are welcome to provide content and possibly join the JTLM.


To establish a forum for technical liaison and cooperation between and among the participating organizations for the purpose of promoting:

  • Reduction of technical barriers to trade
  • Harmonization of product-oriented legislation, regulation and standards in such areas as safety, environment, health, product quality, and testing/ certification of products
  • When justified, the development and promulgation of simple, clear, effective reasonable, performance-rather-than design-oriented legislation, regulation and standards

Operation / Meeting

Each of the association technical staff will monitor product-oriented legislation, regulation, and standards within their respective areas and will forward pertinent information to the other associations in this liaison. Coordination of activities in response to items of mutual interest will be leveraged throughout the year for the good of all JTLM members. Annual meetings summarize and communicate developments in the respective markets are held in a cycle rotating from the Americas, to Europe, to Asia. Supplemental meetings are called as required and agreed upon by the members to work on items of mutual concern.