AEM Staff Contact

Jeff Jurgens
Director, Product Stewardship - Technical and Safety Services | 414-274-0674


The Mounted Breaker Manufacturers Bureau's Demolition Attachments Committee works to improve the business conditions for owners, operators and manufacturers of demolition attachments. The committee operates as a Technical Committee of the Mounted Breaker Manufacturers Bureau.

Committee Focus

Demolition attachments include hydraulic shears (rotating and non-rotating), processors, pulverizers and related carrier-mounted attachments used in demolition activity. Other related attachments may be added to the focus from time to time by the committee. These attachments may be mounted on stationary systems, or on mobile equipment such as hydraulic excavator arms, skid steers, backhoe's and other carrier types.


Activities include, but will not necessarily be limited to:

  • Identifying pressing safety issues and working as a group to take measures to eliminate or reduce injuries incurred during the use, mounting, dismounting, maintenance and service of demolition attachments.
  • Providing guidance to operators and owners in use of attachments in a safe manner, using industry accepted best practices.
  • Monitoring developing regulations and standards in all markets, contributing to development of effective regulations/standards where possible, and communicating regulatory/standard news and information to committee members and the industry.
  • Other activities and programs as the participants and the Mounted Breaker Manufacturers Bureau may see fit.

Membership in the MBMB-DA Committee is open to all AEM members that are involved in the manufacture of focus products, and their major suppliers.