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The OECD Tractor Test Codes are uniform, worldwide test procedures for agricultural tractors regarding the measurement of performance, operator protection (ROPS) and noise levels. Tests are conducted at the request of tractor manufacturers by officially recognized third party test stations in many countries, including the U.S. The resulting reports provide consumer comparison information and serve to meet regulatory requirements in various countries as well as in the state of Nebraska.

The U.S. OECD Coordinating Committee, consisting of AEM tractor manufacturing representatives, Nebraska Tractor Test Board members and a U.S. Department of Commerce representative, serves as the coordinating and oversight body for OECD tractor testing in the U.S. AEM is the U.S. voting member for the worldwide OECD Tractor Test Codes organization, and the University of Nebraska Tractor Testing Laboratory is the official U.S. tractor testing station.