Group Resources

Group Leadership

Luis Torres
Sullair, LLC

Vice Chair
David Smith
Sullivan-Palatek Compressors

AEM Staff Contact

Jason Malcore
Director, Global Standards and Compliance Technical & Safety Services | 414-274-0675

Product Focus

The PTMB addresses the issues found in:

  • the pneumatic construction tool manufacturer industry
  • the portable construction air compressor industry
  • the hydraulically powered construction tool industry

It oversees and maintains AEM's Pneumatic Tool Market Statistics programs, and the Operator Safety Manuals for Pneumatic Construction Tools and Portable Air Compressors, which are tailored to promote safe operator practices and safety awareness.  Contributing to the safe use of the group's product types is a primary focus.

For the benefit of industry, the Bureau is active in technical and safety issues, including being a source of input on regulatory matters, and contributing to the development of equipment standards worldwide to maintain access to markets everywhere.  Currently the group monitors and contributes to:

  • OSHA's Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule (Regulation), which is in has been implemented and is now being enforced
  • Vibration discussions by governmental and non-governmental bodies globally
  • Worksite noise regulations as is or may be developing globally
  • Standard and regulatory activity dealing with jobsite and urban noise
  • Tool weight regulations, standards or requirements

PTMB members voted very recently to expand its product scope to include air compressors and hydraulic power units and construction tools.  It may assemble technical or market data ad hoc committees from time to time to deal with significant industry issues.  The group may be changed to show the broadened product scope.


Act to promote the safe use of pneumatic tools, portable air compressors, and hydraulic construction tools and power units, address industry (operator) safety issues that arise, and advance the interests of the pneumatic tool industry.

Market Statistics

The PTMB oversees a voluntary market statistics reporting program for bureau members.  Participating members submit wholesales unit sales monthly, by product type and size, and at by state/province.   Once processed, participants download reports showing the aggregated total information that do not disclose the data of any one firm.