AEM Staff Contact

Jason Malcore
Director, Global Standards and Compliance Technical & Safety Services | 414-274-0675


The mission of AEM's Portable Air Compressor Bureau (PACB) is to further the interests of the manufacturers of portable air compressor units. PACB meets (face to face or via teleconference/online) when industry issues arise, most recently to provide an industry consensus response to air compressor energy consumption rules proposed by the US Dept of Energy.

Product Focus

The Bureau provides services focused specifically on the needs of manufacturers of portable air compressor equipment.

Bureau Activities

Since many members of AEM's Pneumatic Tool Manufacturers Bureau PTMB also produce Portable Air Compressor equipment, the PTMB will invite AEM's air compressor manufacturers to participate in the Feb 2019 PTMB meeting.

Similarly makers of hydraulic construction tools and power units will be invited to participate.

In the past a PACB decal exchange allowed manufacturers to compare and commonize the terminology and graphics used to communicate hazards on their safety decals.

Other PACB initiatives include studying how noise standards being considered in Europe could effect air compressor manufacturers; plus, researching brake requirements in each state.

The bureau created and maintains an air compressor operator safety manual available from AEM's Safety Materials Store.


A market statistics program provides monthly reports for members of total volume in five size classes for the U.S., Canada and export markets.