Group Resources

Group Leadership

Jim Hurst
Vermeer Corp

Vice Chair
Brett Cohen 

Alamo Corp

AEM Staff Contact

Jeff Jurgens
Director, Product Stewardship

Safety & Product Leadership

Product Focus

Trenching, trenchless, underground tracking and locating and vacuum excavation equipment and related attachments, accessories and tools which are typically used to place, replace, repair, locate or expose underground utilities.


To promote and further the interests of the members of the Underground Equipment Manufacturers Committee on issues related to safety, standards and regulations, education, public policy and enhancement of the industry’s stature.


Established in 2005 as a consolidation of four existing AEM product groups: the Trencher Equipment Council, Trenchless Equipment Council, Underground Electronics Committee, and Vacuum Excavation Equipment Manufacturers Council. The new group was established to provide a single venue for comprehensive discussion of common issues, and to reduce the time and resources members invest in participating in multiple meetings. The previously existing groups became standing committees of the Council.