Oxford Economics and AEM worked together to provide the AEM membership with 2 new quarterly presentations that act as an introduction to our industries, the drivers and major events that impact the industry. 

From the chartbook, members will be able to identify indicator relationships to create custom forecasts and enable their organizations to assess the evolution of the US markets, tie it to trends in key industry segments that drive it and understand how that connects to the broader economy. 

The chartbook includes:

  1. Macro-economic drivers
  2. Industry forecasts for the US and Globally
  3. Market evolution
  4. Global events/scenarios impacting the industry.

With each release, Oxford economics will host a 30 minute conference call for AEM Members with one of their industry economists. This will present an opportunity to learn the narratives around the numbers and ask questions regarding any changes to the forecasts.

Oxford Economics is a global leader in economic forecasting and quantitative analysis with over four decades conducting evidence-based research. More than 2,500 leading private and public-sector institutions rely on their services for business-critical activities such as forecasting, scenario framing, risk assessment, policy analysis, and market sizing. With a team of over 250 economists, they provide forecasts, models, and insight on 202 countries, 280+ industries, and 8000+ cities. Members only.

Download Reports:

AG Machinery Report

CE Machinery Report