There's no excuse for scrimping on time and budget for pre-show marketingBy Robyn Davis, Trade Show Strategy Specialist

There’s no excuse for scrimping on time or budget for your pre-show marketing efforts. After all, effective pre-show marketing is the best way to guarantee that qualified buyers will come looking for your booth at your next trade show.

Here are three quick tips to improve your future trade show success through effective pre-show marketing:

1. Start with a Strategy

To ensure your pre-show marketing efforts serve your event-specific goals, you need a solid strategy. For example, many exhibitors repeatedly choose the same pattern for their pre-show marketing – all promotion, all the time. However, this strategy often turns off potential buyers and annoys even the most loyal clients (the opposite of its intended purpose). So next time, try a different approach: condition your target audience to listen to and trust you by focusing on them/their interests and not you/your interests.

2. Think Creatively and Stretch Yourself

Next, to stand out from your competition (and your former self), you need to try new things. Instead of following the “same old, same old” routine that you’ve always used for pre-show marketing, vary your communication methods, messaging and frequency. Seek out opportunities to keep your audience guessing (in a good way) each time you connect with them.

3. Create and Commit to a Realistic Plan

Finally, to turn your ideas into actions, you need a realistic plan. Realize that as your event approaches, you'll get busier and busier (leaving less and less time for pre-show marketing efforts). To accommodate this, establish good delegation habits from the beginning and ask for help, where appropriate. Then, include enough buffer time in your schedule to handle any last-minute distractions.

With these tips in mind, pre-show marketing can make a huge difference in your exhibiting results, providing more exposure for your company, less pressure on your booth staff, and a better introduction to your target audience!

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