Product Safety SeminarMore than 40 manufacturer product safety and compliance leaders will share their expertise and insights with peers and fellow industry professionals at the upcoming Product Safety & Compliance and Liability Digital Seminars.

Set for Aug. 23-26, these two seminars are set to offer attendees 3.5 focused days of expert-led sessions, a pair of information-rich keynotes, and a wealth of actionable insights shared to keep AEM members up to date on design safety, equipment industry standards, regulations, best practices and much, much more.

“Attendees of these virtual seminars will benefit from receiving the valuable data and insights they need to face product safety, compliance and liability challenges within their organizations,” said AEM Safety and Product Leadership Services Manager Nathan Burton.

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Educational sessions will focus on a variety of topics -- risk assessment, hazard communication, technical publications, standards and regulations, incident investigations and litigation, among others. However, AEM's Safety & Product Leadership team has compiled a list of five "can't miss" sessions for attendees of this year's virtual seminars. Without further ado, they are:

1. Incident Investigations -- See For Yourself! (Product Safety & Compliance Seminar)

This session will cover a variety of topics related to incident investigations, including:

  • Incident assessment tips to determine an appropriate investigation approach
  • Details to consider before arriving at an incident site or inspection
  • Tools to make an investigation thorough and efficient
  • Guidelines on what to do after an inspection is completed

2. Emerging Materials Regulation Impacting Equipment (Product Safety & Compliance Seminar)

This session will afford attendees to gain insight into how the new Battery Directive, along with the restriction of persistent/bioaccumulative substances, may bring new service and maintenance standards expand supply chain transparency necessary for market access.

3. Journey to Interactive On-Board Display Help (Product Safety & Compliance Seminar)

Innovations with the content provided in on-board displays can provide a more rich, interactive user experience, and on-screen help system which provides Information about safety and operator controls at the point of need for the user to improve the user experience. This session will discuss on-screen help text authoring, content re-use and user experience best practices.

4. Defending & Pursuing Claims Directed at Component Parts (Product Liability Seminar)

This session will allow attendees to gain insight into differing circumstances and processes related to defending and pursuing claims directed at component parts, and there’s more to it than the manufacturer’s defense team than simply resolving the following dilemma: Defend the part he or she didn’t make, or assist the plaintiff in targeting the supplier.

5. Women Impacting Product Safety Presents: Engaging with Others -- Practical Tips for Success in Meetings (Product Safety & Compliance Seminar)

This session, which is available for all Product Safety & Compliance and Liability Digital Seminar attendees, will present several actionable concepts that can improve influence in meetings. These skills will help industry professionals be better advocates for both their own ideas and those of their peers. Following the presentation, designated break-out rooms will give attendees an opportunity to apply lessons learned and practice using the key statements from the session.

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