Dear AEM Members,

The world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and I know you are doing what you can to keep your teams and their families safe and healthy. These are very challenging and uncertain times for our families, employees and businesses.

I want you to know that AEM is with you and we’re here to support you. Communication is critical during times of change, and we’re doing everything we can to provide you with information and resources to support your business and help you make informed decisions.

Here is how we are adjusting to better serve our members:

  • First, of course, AEM is committed to doing our part to keep our employees safe and healthy. We are working remotely and will continue that policy for the foreseeable future.
  • We are adjusting our services, programs and activities as needed, moving in-person committee meetings to conference calls and postponing such events as the Product Safety & Compliance Seminar to later in the year. These adjustments will continue as we respond to how this crisis unfolds and continues.
  • We will not be operating as “business as usual.” We are already pivoting to focus on services that will support our members during this crisis. This includes the work currently underway to ensure that equipment manufacturers’ voice is heard in the halls of Congress as policymakers work to help Americans and businesses over the COVID19-pandemic, including calling on governors, mayors, and other local leaders to give equipment manufacturers essential business designations and credentialing, which they have largely done as a result of our work. It also includes the communication of support services, best practices and other helpful information through daily briefs, a new webinar program and our AEM Industry Advisor newsletter.  You can find more details and resources on our dedicated COVID-19 webpage.
  • With this change in direction, we are examining our 2020 priorities and goals, particularly the many initiatives planned for this year as we implement Year One of the new Strategic Plan. What was a priority at the start of the year isn’t necessarily a priority now. The senior team and project leaders will be working with their teams to examine and reprioritize what should continue and what should be deferred in our goals and the initiatives to achieve those goals. We aren’t retreating in our activities. We are recognizing that we need to adapt and change what we are doing to assist our members in these unprecedented times.
  • We also must recognize that as our members, our industry and our nation struggle economically, we must be very prudent in how we are managing our expenses. We will be more conservative and careful in our spending. We have to recognize that while our overall budget outlook is okay for 2020, our members likely won’t be in a position to use some of these services. And, while our 2020 budget is manageable, we have to have an eye on 2021, which may be more challenging as members look to recover and are financially stressed.
  • So we are ready, we are proactively developing contingency plans to address how we will operate if this crisis continues longer than expected and if it’s a deeper recession. We want to be able to respond to any level of severity and still be serving our members and working as a productive team.

We are living in and working through uncertain and unsettling times. I continue to remind AEM staff that we will get through this as a team, as an organization, as an industry and as a nation.

Please continue to think of AEM as an extension of your team, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support, information or assistance.


Dennis Slater, AEM President