AEM AFATStreamlining and improving the exchange of statistics information in the Argentine market is the focus of a new initiative between AEM and the Argentine Manufacturers Association of Tractors, Agricultural Implements, Highway, Mining, Industrial, and Engines, of Buenos Aires, Argentina (AFAT).

AEM and AFAT recently signed a memo of understanding (MOU) establishing the initiative, one which is expected to result in a number of significant benefits for AEM regional statistics program participants.

“The initiative aims at promoting the efficient and effective exchange of statistics information – accurately, reliably, consistently, and in a timely fashion – in the Argentine market,” said AEM Director of Latin America Statistics Arnold Huerta. “It also complements AEM’s commitment to achieving retention, engagement and satisfaction metrics for improving program and member value in all of our North America and Latin America statistics programs.”

The collaboration between AEM and AFAT also seeks to:

  • Establish a framework for cooperation and support of organizations between the two entities
  • Allow for the sharing of best practices related to statistics information across associations serving the Argentine agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment industries
  • Foster the development of solutions – including, but not limited to – education/training and support tools that will address the lack of reliable and accurate market share
  • Lead to the recruitment of new statistics program participants

A number of benefits are expected to be realized by AEM regional statistics program participants. They include:

  • A streamlined member reporting process, which allows for participants to report into one association (iStat program)
  • The reduction of potential audits that may occur if program participants were to report to two programs
  • Improved productivity, as members will not have to submit unnecessary audits
  • Increased confidence in and reliance on AEM data, as members will benefit from having a one-stop source of reliable and accurate market share information
  • The ability to set dealer performance goals much more accurately.

“In collaboration with AFAT, AEM will work to develop solutions and support tools to address the lack of reliable and accurate statistics information in the Argentine market, thus providing its members with the most reliable, accurate and timely market share information,” said Huerta.

AFAT has six members, including AGCO, John Deere, CNH, Claas, Jacto, and Agrale. For more information on AFAT, visit its website at For more information regarding the MOU signed by AEM and AFAT, contact AEM's Arnold Huerta (, tel: 414-298-4119).

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