FFA ConventionIn order to succeed tomorrow we must prepare today. We do this in all facets of life, whether that be studying for a test or rehearsing a presentation. It’s also the reason why organizations like FFA are so important.

FFA develops the students of today and helps prepare them to not just be the workforce of tomorrow, but also the leaders. With that fact in mind, AEM is continuing its ongoing support of such a wonderful organization by once again sponsoring FFA’s Innovation Station as part of the FFA Blue Room. Part of the online portion of the 94th Annual FFA Convention & Expo, Innovation Station seeks to educate students on innovative ways agriculture is utilizing technology to become even more sustainable, while also highlighting new and exciting career paths that exist for students along the way.

“This year, AEM has gathered a complementary lineup of companies that are on the forefront of innovation and are helping to lead the way in painting the picture for what agriculture will look like tomorrow,” said AEM Agriculture Services Manager Austin Gellings. “All of these companies represent a different portion of agriculture, but yet they are all bringing something new and exciting to their respective sector.”

This year’s participating companies are as follows:

  • Automated Solutions Inc. seeks to help organizations reach their potential through innovative robotic solutions.
  • GUSS Automation develops autonomous spray solutions that are designed to help farmers work more quickly, efficiently and consistently.
  • Monarch Tractor is helping to lead the way in the quest to find alternative ways to power farm machinery with their battery powered tractors.
  • The Morning Star Company works to harvest, process and produce tomato in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Waikato develops and manufactures innovative technologies in dairying, animal welfare, food production and environmental sustainability.

All participating companies view this as a unique opportunity to accomplish a few different goals:

  1. Garner interest in the agricultural industry in general by demonstrating a level of technological advancement that isn’t always associated with agriculture.
  2. Connect with the future workforce that may very well be either employees or customers of their respective companies.
  3. Encourage interest in the different agricultural sectors, whether that be dairy, specialty crops or row crops.

“FFA has grown to represent the future of not just farming itself, but the industry as well, with a continued focus on educating and preparing the leaders of tomorrow,” said Gellings. “We here at AEM, along with our members, see and understand the value in the work that FFA is doing, and our goals and values align along those of FFA as well. As a result, we’re excited to continue this partnership and look forward to doing so for years to come.”

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