The AEM Board of Directors has approved a new 2020-2022 Strategic Plan that will set the long-term direction of the association and guide its activities and services.

The plan – which was reviewed and approved by the Board at its Aug. 7 meeting in Indianapolis – is the end result of a comprehensive process that engaged AEM officers, directors and staff at all levels over the past 12 months. Once in place, it will provide AEM with a uniquely valuable opportunity to be more aspirational in making a positive difference for the association, the industry and the public.

“This meeting is actually the junction of our 2017-2019 and 2020-2022 plans,” said John Lagemann, AEM Board Chair and senior VP of ag and turf sales and marketing for John Deere.

“I think we feel comfortable that we’ve made decisions and strategic progress because we’ve followed what we have in the current Strategic Plan,” continued Lagemann. “And then what’s exciting for us is that we’re now focused on what the 2020-2022 plan should be.”

The new Strategic Plan is comprised of AEM’s core ideology, the association’s envisioned future and outcome-based goals poised to shape AEM’s future success in the next 3-5 years and result in improved value for the association’s members.

The goals are as follows:

1. Build positive perception of our industry – AEM will support its 1,000-plus members in telling its stories to local, regional and national audiences to raise public awareness of the industry’s valuable contributions and innovative solutions in the production of quality food, clean water, shelter, energy and infrastructure, which contribute to health, quality of life, economic growth, employment and a cleaner environment.

2. Accelerate industry growth – Through coordinated and collective efforts, the equipment manufacturing industry will operate in a competitive business environment that fosters innovation and economic growth and attracts top talent, enabling AEM members to contribute the equipment and technologies to build the most advanced infrastructure and farming systems.

3. Support and empower member company decision-making – AEM will provide market data and intelligence, forums for thought leadership information and expertise, as well as original research, to enable member companies to adapt and prepare for the future, make highly informed business decisions to ensure their success in the global marketplace and catalyze their growth.

4. Facilitate members’ customer-facing efforts Through services, information and the most advanced industry forums for customer connections, AEM will support members’ efforts to increase sales, meet customer needs and expectations, as well as promote safe and efficient operation practices.

An implementation plan for the Strategic Plan will now be developed – including a proposed plan and budget for 2020 developed by staff – for approval by the AEM Board at its next meeting in November.

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