China Non-Road Emissions WorkshopFollowing a successful China Non-Road Emissions Workshop held in Beijing in June of last year, AEM recently held another workshop with its industry partners late last month in China.

The 2018 China Non-Road Emissions Workshop brought AEM together with a number of its partner associations, including the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association (CIACEIA), the Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) from the United States, and the European Association of Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturers (EUROMOT). In addition, nine key representatives from Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China (and its research institutes and enforcement offices) attended this highly productive workshop, as well as 80-plus manufacturer representatives and trade association staffers.

Closely working together with its member companies -- including non-road engine manufacturers and machine OEMs -- AEM has been very actively involved and productive in China’s emission regulation development process for non-road industry sectors since 2005. The AEM China Engine Committee was established in 2012, as part of an effort to better address members’ concerns and lobbying demands for emission regulations. This committee now has 61 member representatives from 21 AEM member companies.

For several months now China’s MEP has worked diligently with other experts to draft the China non-road stage IV emission regulation, though there hasn’t been an official draft released for the industry to review just yet. At the January workshop, however, MEP officials confirmed they will release the draft in about two weeks. This means the timing of the China Non-Road Emissions Workshop, and the proposals communicated from the industry to Chinese regulators, were critical to the yet-to-be-released draft.

The January workshop also covered a wide range of relative topics of interest regarding China non-road stage IV regulatory requirements. International regulatory experiences and best practices were shared, hot debates of different opinions were conducted, and many key questions from the industry representatives were answered by government agencies and subject experts. Main technical features and requirements in the current draft include satellite positioning of the machine, recommended deterioration factors, NOx control, PM control, PEMS, sampling inspection and self-inspection, newly added PN requirements, among others. Other topics covered in the workshop included China’s upgrades and guarantee of fuel quality, allowing adequate time for industries to get prepared for China non-road IV regulatory requirements, and stringent enforcement.

Once the draft of China non-road stage IV emission regulation is released, AEM will develop the English version for its members to review. AEM will then collect feedback and submit the consolidated membership proposal paper to China’s MEP.

For more information, contact Amy Wang in AEM’s China Office (, tel: 86-10-8519-1566).

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