Towed-Equipment Technical CommitteeIn an effort to address the needs of member companies regarding a forum to discuss current and emerging issues related to towed-equipment and trailers on public roadways, AEM is pleased to announce that the Towed-Equipment Technical Committee (TETC) has officially been formed and is up and running. 

Committee Focus

While the committee's primary focus is the requirements and use of towed-equipment and trailers traveling on public roadways with attention to regional, national, and international standards, regulations, and laws, other areas of focus will be as follows:

  • The group will be a resource of information to the various sector committees, current or future.
  • The group will monitor industry issues, provide a sounding board for concerns, foster industry consensus as necessary, and influence standards’ development activities.
  • The group will create alliances with other industry representative groups and associations that share common goals.
  • Create best practice guidelines and other industry-relevant reference documents.
  • Additionally, the group will advise and coordinate with AEM and Member Company institutional/governmental affairs groups with technical advice for policy discussions and to make recommendations for educational opportunities, such as public awareness activities. These lobbying efforts may aim to bring more states/territories to common requirements with respect to licensing, permitting, and other towed-equipment and trailer regulations.


The TETC is being co-chaired by Greg Young, product manager – materials solutions of Astec Industries and Rusty Bentzinger, product compliance engineering manager of Vermeer Corporation. With an immense amount of industry knowledge and experience involving product lines that fall within the towed-equipment category, these two are without a doubt an excellent set of leaders for the committee.

Collectively highlighted by Young and Bentzinger, “Through the efforts of this committee’s members, we plan to create and maintain a comprehensive resource for those looking for assistance with design standards, type approval, reporting, and regulatory requirements for various towed equipment types, trailer categories, and towed agricultural implements.”

Meeting Frequency

Similar to many other AEM committees, the TETC has agreed to make the efforts to meet in person twice each year, with online meetings held if needed at other times. As a cross-sector committee, the meeting dates may coincide with various other AEM committee meetings or industry events. However, during these interesting times the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us, the committee has been meeting exclusively online and will continue to do so until further notice.

For More Information

The above information, including past meeting minutes and upcoming agendas can be found on the TETC homepage by clicking HERE.

For more information regarding the TETC, please contact AEM Technical Manager - Tech and Safety Services Travis Webb at

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