Task ForceIf you’re not moving forward, you’re standing in place.

AEM is proud of its best-in-class trade shows. They have delivered measurable value and have developed into industry epicenters for exhibitors and attendees alike, thanks in large part to a model that has stood the test of time. However, the equipment manufacturing industry and the markets it serves find themselves at a point of exponential change in technology. And with that fact in mind, AEM is responding accordingly by announcing its plans to form an Exhibitions Strategic Task Force.

“Technology is changing the way people interact, impacting both the customer journey and time-tested business models,” said AEM Senior Vice President of Exhibitions and Marketing Nicole Hallada. “As these changes evolve, we recognize the need to adapt the exhibitions function at AEM to maintain and improve its value to the membership and the industries they serve – both now and in the future.”

Do you work for a small-to-mid-sized AEM member company? Want to serve on AEM’s Exhibitions Strategic Task Force? AEM has three spots available. Let us know if you're interested.

AEM’s Exhibitions Strategic Task Force will be tasked with imagining the future of exhibitions and the association’s role in that future. Comprised of AEM member company leaders, trade show attendees and thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, the task force will craft recommendations for the AEM Board of Directors regarding the vision for what a first-class, defensible event needs to be in order to maximize exhibitor and attendee ROI.

“Taking into consideration several trends and disruptions, the goal of the Exhibitions Strategic Task Force will be to accurately identify the high-level features and benefits an AEM exhibition needs to be successful at any point over the course of the next decade,” said Hallada.

The task force being assembled will examine several emerging trends and disruptions to help shape AEM’s trade shows of tomorrow.

Trends and disruptions the team will examine include:

  • The short-term and long-term outlooks for exhibitions and events
  • Where AEM exhibitions are positioned today
  • Data and trends from current AEM trade shows
  • Behavioral trends pertinent to events
  • Marketing trends
  • Drivers of change in end user segments
  • Drivers of change in the manufacturing industry 

Of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many organizations to rethink their approach to in-person events in the short term, therefore the task force will also discuss any impact current events could have on trade show strategy.

“Ultimately, the efforts and recommendations of AEM’s Exhibitions Strategic Task Force will help the association exceed ROI/T and engagement expectations for all stakeholders to keep pace with changes in marketing and the industry,”  said Hallada.

For more information on AEM’s Exhibitions Strategic Task Force, contact AEM’s Nicole Hallada at nhallada@aem.org.

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